A Plug for Passion Play

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Buzz has been circulating nonstop around Sarah Ruhl’s latest project Passion Play, which started rehearsals this past Tuesday.  After attending a preview reading Monday night, this new venture’s success rate looks mighty promising.

The play is set in three distinct time periods, (Elizabethan England, Nazi Germany, and the Reagan-era United States) and chronicles the production process of three theatre  groups trying to put up a Passion Play.  The same actors play in all three acts, reincarnating parallels to their characters’ personas in each new era. The show is an ode to theatre of sorts, and pokes fun at actors and theatrical stereotypes with witty dialogue and intelligently crafted comedy.

The show is being produced by the Epic Theatre Ensemble at The Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  It runs from April 27th – May 30th, with a “College Night” on April 30th featuring $10 tickets(!)  The production especially wants to attract and inspire young artists, and after the reading, I can confidently predict that this show will be a hit with all creative audiences.  I’ve already made my reservation!

  1. This sounds like a super interesting and complex piece, given the periods the play is set in, and the history passion plays have of whiping up violence against jews. Here is a good article from a Christian website about the darker side of passion plays:

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